Jeremy Asher

The Greatest Gift


The Greatest Gift (Seth & Trista, #2)

The Greatest Gift

Book Two of the Seth and Trista Series

Never has Seth Storm's life been this complete. His daughter, Faith, is now safely in his custody and care. And his career as a famous country musician is finally back on track. The only thing left for him to do is marry Trista Tilman, the woman who has stood by his side during the darkest moments of his life. After a beautiful lakeside proposal, Seth believes that his life is whole. That is, until he receives a call that threatens to destroy the foundation he has worked so hard to build.

Trista hasn't always been lucky in love, but after meeting Seth, she knows he’s the right man for her and her daughter, Savannah. Strong and talented, he loves her the way she hasn't been loved in a very long time. During a time when she had no one, he stepped in and helped her get back on her feet. And when he gets down on one knee, she knows that her life will never be the same. Little does she know that their largest battle has yet to come.

Nothing can prepare a parent for the journey Seth and Trista are about to embark upon as they face a road with unpredictable twists that will test them in ways they have never been tested, causing them to do things they never thought they would do.

The Greatest Gift is an emotional story about two people who believe they’ve finally found the peace they’ve been searching for only to discover that life has other plans for them. 

The Greatest Gift is the second book in the Seth & Trista series, following Losing Faith and preceding The Final Encore.